Thursday, 17 January 2013

Pre-Order Darth Malgus Mini Bust on Gentle Giant

Hey guys today I have brought a great news for you guys. This blog will now be managed by a different user and will be update regularly. You can expect a lot of news regarding star wars action figures on daily basis and reviews and many other things.

Darth Malgus Mini Bust Gentle Giant
Another great for star wars action figure fans, Darth Malgus mini bust is now available on Gentle Giant for pre-order. You should hurry up and pre-order yours now before they get out of stock. After all Darth Malgus mini bust has been anticipated eagerly by many.

"I fight because that is what I was made to do and the Empire is the instrument through which I realize my purpose. The Empire is war made manifest. That is why it is perfect."
―Darth Malgus

In the days of The Old Republic, there was a Sith Lord whose name struck terror in the hearts of any that heard it: Darth Malgus. Raised in the Dark Side since childhood, Malgus swiftly ascended through the ranks of the Sith, destroying all who stood in his way, eventually declaring himself Emperor. His strength in the Dark Side was matched only by his confidence. After all, the Force gave him a vision of galactic domination and the destruction of the Jedi by his hand… it was to be his Destiny…

Thanks to the master artisans at Gentle Giant Ltd., you can add Darth Malgus to the ranks of the Dark Side in your mini bust collection! This incredibly detailed mini bust has been cold cast in the highest quality polystone, fit for an Emperor. It features the Dark Lord wielding his duel lightsabers menacingly and will put any Rebels in your collection back in their place through intimidation alone. Individually numbered and hand-painted, this limited edition bust includes a matching certificate of authenticity.

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