Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Pre-Order Star Wars Vintage Collection Action Figure: Emperor’s Royal Guard VC105

Star Wars Vintage Collection Action Figures Wave 15

No doubt Star Wars is one of the big names in film and toy industries and is still remember as one of the masterpiece in sci-fi genre. When the first Star Wars movie came out it revolutionized the film industry and when the first Kenner action figures based on the movie came out it revolutionized the action figure industry.

The Kenner Star Wars action figures series became popular immediately when they came out. Today they are considered as masterpiece. Kenner Star Wars action figures are still popular although Kenner discontinued its production in 1985. There are still many fans of classic Star Wars action figures. Maybe for this reason Hasbro released a new figure line based on Kenner series in 2010. This is Star Wars vintage collection action figures, which successfully answer the demand of classic Star Wars fan. Star Wars vintage collection includes the classic action figures from The Original Trilogy and The Saga Collection.

Wave 14 was the recent addition in Star Wars vintage collection action figures. The next wave, Wave 15 is coming out in November 2012. Wave 15 includes Ahsoka Tano and Obi Wan (Clone Wars), Nien Nunb, Lumat, Weequay (Hunter), and Emperor’s Royal Guard action figures.

Emperor’s Royal Guard or Imperial Royal Guard was elite unit of special tasked forces that had the responsibility to protect Emperor Palpatine in the Star Wars universe. Royal Guard had an ominous presence and they were feared because of their fighting skills. They were very talented fighter, after all Royal Guards unit included some best warriors.

The wave 15 of Star Wars vintage collection includes the action figure of this fearsome elite warrior unit Royal Guards. This action figure is very detailed and looks exactly like the Royal Guards in the movie. They also have a good number of articulations allowing standing in various postures. This figure features three weapon accessories that are sword, double bladed pike, and blaster. Other accessories include two helmets. These accessories plus the articulation of this action figure will let you stand this action figure in various poses, such as battle pose, standing pose, and many others. The release date of this figure is 30th November 2012. You can pre-order emperor’s royal guard action figure vc105 on any online action figures website.

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